Spring is in the air…

Hello all…

I woke up today and realized that I am now waking after the sun has on a regular basis. Thank goodness. And the Canadian air is warming, ever so slightly… maple sugaring is about to begin and I just feel like there is more energy to get things done.

Winter has gone by so fast, and here in the Maritimes the snow didn’t even really arrive til late January. Skiing has barely begun but I’ll take spring. Or the thought of it, at least.

Oyster heaven in Montreal

I’ve just returned from an old fashioned road trip to Ontario, traveling around those southern cities, eating great food, drinking delicious coffee and getting stuck in traffic. Now I’m home again, settling in to the morning routine of getting my daughter onto the school bus and the frequent in and outs of the cats. (I now have 3 cats and fear I’m becoming a real cat lady.)

The latest cat in my life...

January was the month we celebrated my father’s music here in PEI with a tribute concert. This was recorded by CBC radio and television so you can find it in the CBC archives here: http://www.cbc.ca/nb/mt/east-coast-music/2012/01/a-moving-tribute-to-gene-maclellan.html and eventually it will air this summer on the tee-vee….

I also just realized that my dad, who couldn’t turn a computer on, has a website 17 years after his passing – www.genemaclellan.com– which is actually a blog run by my friend David Sheffield. Check it out, eh?

Chris and Reg at the tribute for my dad.

What else…. hmmm… Oh, the grand old East Coast Music Awards are coming up again in April and will be hosted by the city of Moncton, New Brunswick. I’m up for an award or two and looking forward to all the music and events and parties that happen during ECMA week.

After that I’m heading off to Italy, Holland and Germany for a little paid vacation with my guitarist Chris Gauthier. We’ll be folking out over there while consuming vast amounts of pasta, ice cream, coffee, beer, wine, tulips… ok, maybe we won’t be eating tulips, but we’ll look at them lovingly.

My new Gene Autrey "Round-Up" Guitar

Right now, though, I’m just listening to the barking of my neighbour’s dog and cuddling with my wee girl over a homemade bowl of chocolate pudding. Ain’t life grand?

All the best to you and yours,



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